ALO Care

The ALO Care Benefit Program

The gift that keeps giving

What good is grant a dream or giving smiles if the results are fleeting? Sustainable smiles are vital for the ALO Cultural Foundation and the people we empower.

Our pilot program—first launched in Lebanon represents one of the first such initiatives for a countries with no universal healthcare—allows patients to receive medical attention, follow up, and rehabilitation for a one-year renewable periods with the support of local partners and rehabilitation centers. The program supports follow-up assistance to advance education and social standing beyond the immediate patient mission.

The underprivileged, at-need children of the world now have access to a more promising future through our ALO Care Benefit Program. We are committed to delivering quality long term health care, social and emotional empowerment, education and increased technical skills to physically challenged children - despite the deterrents of poverty, illiteracy and neglect.

To see if your region and/or potential recipient is eligible, please complete the downloadable care form.