Who We Are

Our Mission

Our mission is to build stronger, healthier communities through social investment focused on cultural exchange programs, women empowerment, voluntourism, philanthropy, and diversity. As we educate, empower and enlighten global communities with a focus on the Middle East heritage, we enhance the emotional, physical and cultural—enriching everyone we encounter.

Our Vision

At the core of the ALO Cultural Foundation is Achieving Life’s Opportunities.

We empower at-need citizens to envision their goals and achieve their dreams. We dedicate resources to those who once believed it was impossible to even imagine a better life.

Through local and national events and efforts in the United States and good will expeditions to the Middle East, special events and philanthropy, we offer our devotion and form a support system to the most vulnerable: women and children who require guidance during their first tenuous steps toward self-sufficiency. We inspire leadership so our beneficiaries can transform their lives and realize a bright future.

We believe in action.

We believe in community and social empowerment. We break down barriers and promote cultural diplomacy to foster economic growth, friendship and knowledge.

We believe that humanity has no nationality and we are citizens of the world.

The key to raising this awareness is through person-to-person experiences, cultural exploration, advanced behaviors and foreign relations. We extend our hands to connect and help; one cause, one goal and one person at a time.

We educate. We empower. We enlighten.

Foundation Programs

The ALO Cultural Foundation’s roster of programs is ambitious and forward thinking. They possess the “can do” spirit that is prevalent among those who not only support them, but benefit from them.

Combining equal parts passion, drive, compassion and commitment, the Foundation seeks not only an improved relationship between the Middle Eastern and Western societies, but between all countries and peoples.

By working together and focusing on what unites rather than what divides us, we can achieve nothing short of transformed global consciousness.