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Forever Wish

Fulfilling dreams through arts and literature

Designed to help underserved youth and the physically challenged in the United States realize their dreams.

The Foundation gives hope and opens doors for those young boys and girls who were not given any options or opportunities. We provide career opportunities to boost entrepreneurial spirits. The dreams we deliver are designed to impact the livelihood of others forever by offering career guidance in the form of social, educational, career support, mentoring and connections. Our Forever Wish recipients are empowered to reach for a brighter future.

Forever Wish accepts applicants aged 8 to 25, and welcomes those turned down by other organizations which were not able to assist them. The program accepts those with a great willingness to work hard in attaining new skills to further their career development. Forever Wish supports artists working in the fields of literature, music, theater, and visual arts. Our focus is on women and people with disabilities in recognition that their work is still underrepresented in mainstream culture. The Foundation aims to turn disability into ability and provides both direct awards to artists and grants to arts organizations for their support of artists.

The dreams we deliver are designed to impact the livelihood of others forever.

If you would like to recommend a potential Wish recipient, please download the beneficiary form.

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