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Cross Cultural Outreach

Fostering understanding and celebrating humanity

This program aims to break down racial barriers and perceptions by providing educational diversity workshops and cross cultural events that link Middle Eastern and Western cultures. We try to bridge the cultural gaps with the two regions by reaching out to students in high schools and universities through symposiums where we conduct open discussions about human rights and race relations.

Our ALO‐Hola and Cultural Diplomacy events unite corporations, media, government agencies, educational institutions, community leaders and social agencies to discuss diversity, acceptance and tolerance amongst nations with a focus on the Middle Eastern‐Americans including the Image, inclusion and understanding and bridging the gap between east and west. From our think tanks and symposiums, the framework is under construction to establish a map and social plan for world class tolerance.


LA-BEIRUT SISTER CITIES—The ALO Cultural Foundation executive board, along with many leaders from the Lebanese community and the City of Los Angeles and volunteers, initiated the first ever official relationship between Los Angeles and Beirut, forming the LA-Beirut Sister Cities. A Sister City Proclamation was signed into effect by the Los Angeles City Council with the official signing ceremony in Lebanon took place at the Nicholas Sursock Palace in Ashrafieh with the Lebanese municipality.

Beirut, being a coastal city with similarities to Los Angeles in its language, cultural arts, economic drives and democracy, is an optimal partner for Los Angeles. The cities will exchange culture, education, public works, health services, science and sports. Moreover, the relationship was hailed in its promise to foster friendship between the cities and its people.

CULTURAL DIPLOMACY SYMPOSIUMS—Co-hosted by Hon. LeRoy D. Baca, Los Angeles County Sheriff and ALO Cultural Foundation President Wafa Kanan, these annual think tanks bring together corporations, media, government agencies, educational institutions, community leaders and social agencies to discuss the diversity of the Middle Eastern Culture, the mystery that wraps around it, the misconceptions, perspectives and perception of the heritage in the mainstream. The most recent event featured Octavia Nasr, CNN's Chief Middle East correspondent for 20 years. At the conclusion of the series, the framework was established to map a social plan for world class tolerance.

ALO-HOLA ROUNDTABLES—The Foundation continues its march towards cultural unity and connecting cultures by hosting a series of roundtable discussions designed to bring the Latino and Middle Eastern communities closer. The Foundation joined with former Los Angeles Commissioner Mary Barrientos to reach to both communities in a strategic effort to foster cultural business relations and map plan for the youth to interact with influential decision makers.

The intimate roundtable has grown to full-fledged multi-community events with nearly 100 concerned leaders offering their opinions. Our work within the Middle Eastern-American communities has empowered us to seek, add and represent the variety of Latino and Latin American voices and heritage which closely mirror that of the Foundation’s core audience. This is the rare opportunity to think beyond today and allow the world to recognize the commonalities of our two groups. These are the first steps of fruitful cause, of which we can truly be proud.

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