Foundation Programs


Mentoring and leadership programs empowering women

A coalition of specialists, professionals and leaders with advocacy skills supports the development and sustainable living programs that address the needs of the orphanage and local communities. The coalition initiates progressive educational, mentoring and leadership programs to empower women at all levels of their career through the matching and leading by example. This is the very essence and meaning of “METHAL”. This program focuses on strengthening their capabilities toward society and be responsible citizens toward economic and social change.

The coalition grew from the pilot programs the Foundation instituted throughout Alexandria and then Egypt. Our goal is to raise $2 million within five years to support Alexandria’s 44 orphanages, more than 20 in Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan and a major push within the United States. The additional funding will operate ongoing METHAL programs, including:

• Language and skills development
• Leadership programs
• Physiological assessment and self-esteem building
• Social Activities
• Scholarships

METHAL inspires independence and teaches business decision making skills to the disadvantaged who possess drive, determination, and a vision to succeed. The ultimate goal is sustainable living by embodying the Foundation’s mantra:

Educate. Empower. Enlighten.

Recipients gain skills and independence allowing them to reach personal and entrepreneurial goals, empowered by the tools needed for sustainable living. This includes workshops, professional development and opportunities to make their dreams come true.

Business development specialists and other professionals will assist recipients in developing their own business plans resulting in sustainable businesses. The mission is to encourage the disadvantaged to continue to strive for greater goals, and to continually knock on doors, knowing the right one will eventually open.

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