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Fostering understanding and celebrating humanity

The ALO Cultural Foundation sponsors and organizes regular delegations to the Middle East and North Africa, wherein North American journalists and philanthropists gain intimate contact with the culture, people, and charitable organization of that region. The Foundation places high importance on these trips, knowing person-to-person contact is often the greatest healer of cultural misunderstandings.

These delegations travel with a mission to expand the range and scope of their understanding of the region and its people, and to pioneer a spirit of global humanitarianism. The expeditions have included several groundbreaking delegations, empowering trade relations exchange between Los Angeles and Middle Eastern regions.

Past delegations:

Dubai—Led a 15 member delegation from Detroit and California, spearheading a week of charitable giving to benefit the United Lebanon Relief Campaign. The journey culminated in a tribute concert, organized by 15 “Rockin' Hearts” ambassadors - benefiting Lebanese children and their families critically affected by war. All told, their efforts raised $500,000 for infrastructure, medical equipment, orphanages and other programs in Lebanon. Supported by numerous business leaders, entertainers and philanthropists worldwide, the event was a resounding success - a true joining of Western and Middle Eastern teamwork in a time of great need.

Egypt I—Led a press delegation to Egypt, raising thousands of dollars for the Ali Bin Abi Taleb Orphanage in Alexandria. The delegation was moved by the conditions of the orphanage, and the positive spirit of the girls who lived there. Contributions funded learning and mentoring programs, computers, entrepreneurial workshops and educational scholarships.

Syria—Organized and led the first ever North American Press Delegation to Syria, visiting Basra, Palmyra, Hama, Maaloula, Aleppo and other locations. The 12 member delegation, which took part in two press conferences, was accompanied by Dr. Naji Arwashan, the Syrian Hon. Consul General. The delegation visited orphanages, initiated contact with women through ALO's Sisterhood Worldwide Program, and worked to enhance the growing positive diplomatic relations between the United States and Syria. The delegation's central purpose was to connect cultures through lifestyle and commonalities both regions share. Programs continue despite conflict in the region.

Egypt II—The Foundation returned to Egypt for another mentoring and philanthropic delegation to the Ali Bin Abi Taleb orphanage in Alexandria, bringing computers, hope and bright smiles all around. The bond between the 25 residents and ALO continued to grow as the girls’ spirit soared, inspired by the role models the Foundation presented.

“Because of ALO, I am more confident that I can make my own decisions now,” said Douaa, who has lived at the orphanage since age 3. “I finally feel that my needs are beginning to be understood.”

There was challenge, however, in getting the donated computers accepted into the country by the Ministry of Social Affairs. “But we persevered,” says ALO Foundation founder Wafa Kanan.

Micro-Philanthropy—All told, the Foundation has coordinated over a dozen missions—including Oman, Lebanon, and Turkey—funding the needs of the underserved with an average of $15,000 USD raised per mission.

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